Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy Duty

My husband is a great father and a wonderful Daddy. I am lucky, as he has always been hands on from the moment we knew we were expecting.

His jobs keeps him away from home anywhere from 3 nights to 5 and so when he gets home, he has missed out on a lot of little things. I say little because being with Spencer 24 hours a day, I see it all and usually several times a day.

But when Daddy gets home and begins to take over toddler duty, I realize that even though he is technically giving me a break...he makes it look easy. While I feel like most days I look harassed, he looks like this when taking an outing with the Boy:

See how cool and laid back this Daddy is? He's baby-wearing and yet his clothes are neat and his hat is in place. I have to think it's because the Mommy that we don't see in the picture is off to the side sweating, with her hair in her face and the baby supplies.

I think he has it so easy because I make it that way for him. That's right, I am admitting he gets to slide and it's all my fault. See, I feel like being a stay-at-home is a luxury, not my right. So when Daddy gets home, he should be able to relax and not have a certain munchkin all over him. Or watching certain munchkin should not be a lesson in patience. And so, this is where I step in to diffuse any situations, to redirect Spencer's attention, to make it easier on Daddy.

You know when I realize that I'm making it easy on Daddy? When he is gone and I'm left with the 30 pound toddler who refuses to leave my side. Our days usually go like this:

Except I rarely get to lie down and after I say what...Spencer says nothing and continues with whatever he was doing, happy that he got my attention for a split second.

So here I have a great Daddy and I am the one shortchanging him. I am not letting him rise to the occasion when the time comes and be Super Daddy. I guess I need to take off my cape and hand it to Daddy and be okay in knowing he can do this.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Daddy's out there...but especially Spencers'!


  1. Hey you I just wanted to say that I just came across your blog and I LOVE! Cute family!

  2. Thank you many times over! And I will be back many times to come I love to smile and your blog makes me do just that! Thanks for the comment back! And you are so right the time goes by so very finger has become trigger happy on the camera! : )


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