Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Say No

So when changed the blog layout and promised to include a little more of everything, that should have invigorated me to begin blogging every day. Sadly it didn't. Most days I struggle to remember a topic that seemed good hours before but after 12+ hours with the Boy, I am to exhausted to care. What I am not too exhausted to do? Play on Facebook.

When I first started on FB, it wasn't so bad. I chatted with a few people I didn't know and used it sort of like Myspace. That is to say I put up a cute hawt picture of myself and played games like Owned and Who's Hotter or some such thing. Than it exploded and everyone was starting to get on there and so I cleaned up my act and began "liking" products, people and places. It seemed suddenly my whole high school class was on there and everyone was friends with everyone. I can be honest...I granted friend requests just to see pictures. I still do. I even added a few people that I knew I WAS NOT friends with just to see their pictures and then I deleted them. I am nosy and I don't deny it.

Then I started noticing posts about cows and chickens and land expansions. FB had games, anyone that truly knows me, knows that I am a gamer. Video games, arcade games, computer games...I love them all. I asked my FB friends which game should I play and ended up with Farmville. Maybe you've heard of it? Or perhaps you have heard people make fun of it? Basically you build a farm and keep it up. Crops wither, animals need tending, trees need harvesting. All kinds of things that keep you coming back and back and back. After adding that game, I added a few more and a few more...and the thing is the games never end and you really don't win anything! So here I was putting the baby to sleep and running to check my farm, my cafe, my pet, my mafia and a few other things. All of it? Too time consuming.

So earlier this week I ranted to Hubby about it, saying I need to write more and to write better. The only way to get better at writing? Is to write often and so I made the decision that the games had to go. I lamented a few of the games because I had reached high levels and lots of "coinage" but I knew the only way to do it was cold turkey. I went in and just deleted application after application. I kept my farm and my cafe but now I only accept the gifts I have received and return them and move on. Now, I have no excuse to not write.


  1. I almost had a heart attack when I read, "I deleted application after application". lmao. Seriously though, I feel your pain. I couldn't even keep up with two games, FV and CW. I gave up CW and now only farm, but it's still quite time consuming. I'm to the point where I typically plant multi-day crops, so I spend less time with it. (That, and my sister does alot of my farming during the week too.)

    Hooray to you for giving up most of them!

  2. I love your blog, and now I'm your follower.
    Angela I.

  3. So I just had to get back to you about the hair product thing... Brocato CurlKarma line is great but the Cloud 9 products are to die for. Also Tigi Foxy Curls line is really good and the Urban Antidoes Re-energize is also fantastic! <3

  4. thanks for your comment on my blog, i'm following you now!

  5. I've never gotten into those games either. In fact, I've blocked the app so I don't see 1000 updates either! Like you, I'd rather focus on my blog!


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