Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Deserve a Break Today

I don't get nearly this excited when I am cleaning. Wonder what it would take to get these guys to do it? And if they do it dancing and singing, bonus! I am not really here to talk about cleaning or McDonald's I am here to talk about Mommy time. You know, the well deserved break each and every one of us needs to take? Yes, well I rarely take any and I think it's beginning to show.

When you are first thrust into the role of motherhood the one piece of advice you hear is to sleep when the baby sleeps. While it is good advice, I could not do it. I wanted to catch up with the world when the baby slept, be it via TV, internet or a magazine. A few times I did sleep when he did but most of the time I didn't. And I did okay or so it seemed.

As Spencer gets bigger he requires even more attention and interaction so that when he does take a quick nap I again want to just catch my breath. He is hard work and now as a toddler our days can be quite trying. Add to that a Daddy who works away from home and you can see why I need a break. Only I don't take them when I should.

Rachel recently made a post calling out moms and making us accountable. Sure, it is only to her but in the end it is also to ourselves. Maybe calling it something other than Mommy time would help? She called it a mental health day and that really spoke to me, mainly because when I worked I would use my sick time for just that, a mental health day. I would come back ready to work and yet as a mom I can't push myself to do the same. Even though I know by not taking the time to re-energize my spirit I am doing a disservice to myself and my family.

When the husband is home and I have had a rough few days I always vow that I am going to leave him and the Boy and do something for myself. Then the day comes when I can and I am just not ready to go. Why? Because I don't feel pretty and taking the time to beautify defeats taking mommy time. Look, when I am with the Boy I spend a lot of time looking like JLo with no makeup:

See what I mean about so not pretty? Who wants to look like that and go out? Not me. I want to go out and look put together and cute, like Selma Hayek:
Big difference, right? Call it strange but by the time I can take this break and am ready for the break I just feel so defeated that staying home and being with my family seems like the better option. Maybe it's because they don't notice what I look like? Or they do and they love me any way? But I have noticed that this time is not going to take itself and I have promised myself I will do better. Because my family deserves to have me at 100%.

JLO pictures from
Selma Hayek photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage and Yahoo.


  1. I Love this and I really know how you feel! Especially the whole pretty and going out part! : / Makes me want to work harder to take time to myself more often!

  2. Just thought I would let you know I left you a little something over on my blog! : )

  3. I have to say, if anything, I ALWAYS make time to at least throw on some makeup before I go out anywhere. Even if it's as small as some concealer, mascara, and a good lipstick. I also keep some pretty and simple hair "things" handy to I can do my hair with minimal effort. I look good so then I feel good and it matters so much! Take care of yourself, mama. Following you now! :) Great blog.