Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Things We Remember

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It's funny how the mind works. Most days I am thinking about 100 million things and the same things are in my mind when I head off to bed, some important, others no so much.  Last night was one of those nights.

I was putting Spencer to bed and happebed to scratch an area by my shoulder which houses a dimple. it's the only place I have a dimple and I use to be so proud. I remember reading somewhere that Libra's always have dimples. Don't ask me what a birth sign has to do with dimples, but I read it and set about finding my dimple. I always thought those who smiled and had them were solucky.

I don't remember when I found my dimple, but I did. Like I said it sits just behind my left shoulder. And even at my heaviest, it is still there. Touching it last night reminded me of an incident in college. A group of us where visiting a friend in another dorm. Just sitting around and gabbing, it was a mixed group. The girl whose room we were in had a serious boyfriend. As we sat there he suddenly touched my dimple and commented on how cute it was. I nodded and told him I was proud of it and then moved the conversation on.

I don't remember how long he touched my dimple or how the words were said but I remember getting a look from the girlfriend. A look at was not nice. It was as if she thought I wanted her man or he and I had some sort of inside joke about my dimple. Neither was true. He boyfriend was a friendly guy, who I was not attracted to in the least. I believe after that, she became standoffish with me. Eventually her and the guy broke up and he ended up being quite a pothead.

All this I remembered from touching my truly is funny thr things we remember.


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