Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tidbit

As the due date for baby girl draws closer and I put off packing for the hospital I also wonder what things will be like. I've wondered about this since I found out we were pregnant and been afraid. Very afraid. But now I look at how I currently spend my days...and I can't even imagine it.

Most weeks Hubby is away at least 3 nights, sometimes not getting home until late on the 4th night. When he is home? I get bathtime reprieve! I get diaper changing repreive. I get moments to myself. When he isn't home? I look forward to bedtime if only so I can relax in my bed and relax. Having to chase a toddler around (and while pregnant to boot) is hard work. I don't get any breaks except for naptime and sometimes not even then. How will this be when baby girl arrives? What if they have totally opposite nap schedules? What if Spencer gives up his nap? Is there a book about how to deal with that part of parenthood?

Then there is our nighttime routine, on a good night I can have Spencer in bed in about 40 minutes. What do I do with baby girl during this time? If I remember correctly newborns and infants have a WAY different sleep pattern/schedule then the one I've got going on now! What if one child keeps the other up? What if they both cry for me in the middle of the night? Right now Spencer is back and forth between sleeping solidly for 6 to 7 hours and waking up every 4 and screaming for ME. Not Daddy, but me. How can I keep both he and the baby happy without losing my mind?

Just when I was getting a hang of things...a new baby is about to rock my world. What was I thinking??

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