Thursday, February 17, 2011

37 weeks

Dear Baby Girl,

We are so close now, just 12 days. I can't decide if the time has really gone by that fast or not. I feel ready to see you but I am still nervous about how our home will change and how I will handle it. It seems Spencer is finally getting into a good groove and we are suddenly going to change all that for him and us.

As you can see, you are way bigger than Spencer was at around the same time. Are you really going to be bigger than he was? 8 pounds is a decent size...I don't know how I can manage to get around for another week if suddenly you are 9 + pounds. Daddy doesn't know how my legs haven't snapped from sheer exhaustion of waddling around. 

I'm still having sleepless nights, though not every night. I am still having the worst time getting comfortable and staying cool. Somehow I don't remember these issues with Spencer. Was 2 years ago really that long ago? Or could I really have forgotten this part of pregnancy?

You room is ready for you, as is the bassinet we got for you...but please don't make plans to come early. We are ready for you...just not ready for you to come early.


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