Monday, January 17, 2011

My Monday Musings - A New Blog, Yo!

Today is not really a musing as it is a pimping post. Last week I wrote about writing and how I needed to get back into it again. Then suddenly, like a sign from the heavens I get approached by Fadra about an opportunity to write. I have to admit it gave me an ego boost, especially when she wasn't trying to refer me to a writing course!

Nope, instead she let me in on a little secret that is officially out of the bag today. A new blog. I've written about motherhood and how I am still waiting for my letter into the society. Well this new blog gives you an insight into all that and more. And I get to be a contributing writer! That's right, I can say I am a writer AGAIN!

Come on over and join some wonderfully talented ladies at the newest hotspot on the the Internets:

You'll be happy that you did! You can also like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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