Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Happy Anniversary

Time to let the words flow, raw and unedited...time for

Today is my 7th anniversary. Seven years...I can remember meeting my husband like it was yesterday. And sometimes in my mind it really feels like it yesterday. I was single and doing the dating scene and striking out miserably. I remember just a few weeks before being let down my an older guy who told me that the next person I met was going to be "the one." I laughed at him, because I thought he was just trying to be nice.

He was right. I almost didn't meet my husband. We both lived in the same apartment complex and there was a pool party. He went for the free beer and I went for the free meal. I remember he was wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo shirt and khaki shorts. My favorite preppy outfit. He was tall and that was another fave of mine. I kept an eye on him all night and finally after a few beers I made my move. He says he made HIS move but really...he didn't have a move. He was and still is a happy, trust everyone go-lucky kind of man. We actually fit together really well...isn't amazing how that happens?

I truly believe there is someone for everyone. Sometimes you just have to look in the place you least expet and there they will be. Happy Anniversay to my wonderful husband and the best daddy I could have asked for my kids to have.


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