Monday, July 7, 2008

You better work.

Today I woke up fairly early and only because the dog was prancing around like he needed to go out. He does this most days and you would think Hubby and I would be use to it...but instead we act like it's such a chore. For me it is because I am the furthest thing from an agreeable morning person. I despise morning and morning with a crappy night's sleep is like doomsday for me.

But today was different, I had lights out at 11:10 the night before and actually slept pretty decently. So when Prince decided to do his dance I rolled right up and began my day. I took him for a walk...a walk where I had to drag him because suddenly he didn't want to be outside. And don't worry I don't really have to drag him, just give him a tug or two and let him know we are going whether he likes it or not. He usually succombs and off we go.

I managed this and then came back and decided it was a good day as any to try out a workout I had recorded from the Fit TV channel on our satellite. You must realize, I despise working out. I could do it everyday for 21 days and it still would not be a habit to me. But something about today was different. I grabbed a water bottle and did my workout. It seems like a workout I can do all week, even into pregnancy. It's a combo of some yoga, pilates and tai chi. Nothing too hardcore or wheeze inducing. In other words, just my speed. Will it keep my arse from expanding into the size of Mongolia? Time will tell, but I'm just proud I did it and enjoyed it!

It's now 5:40 and I haven't had to nap...I'm still going. Lately I haven't been able to do more than one thing without our pending bundle of joy sapping all my energy. Now if I could just rid my mouth of it's nasty taste/feeling, it could be considered a near perfect day.


  1. Wait a minute, I think I know that nasty mouth feeling you are referring to... does it feel like you have metal in your mouth. For some reason, this just came back to me - I used to get that disgusting taste, like metal mouth. No other way to describe it. If this is the same thing... yep, it's normal. It'll go away shortly (btw, this will be the tagline throughout your pregnancy, get used to it, lmao)

    Also, love the new blog layout... it's very refreshing!!

  2. It's nice, isn't it?

    Yes, it's that disgusting metal/dry/dirt taste. It assaults me every day and I hate it! WAH!!

  3. OH yes, my dear. WE are just THAT cool!

    (What in the world is the matter with my caps lock?)


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