Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grab the calendar and let's count again.

I had a doctor's appointment this past week and was schedule for a 2nd ultrasound. This was because of the pain I was having several weeks ago. The doctor wanted to be sure things were progressing without incident.

And they are, I'm mostly just tired. My mouth still feels like ass crap most of the time but I am getting use to it. Occassionally I will have a bout of nausea but nothing that I haven't been able to handle, thank goodness.

As we sat in the ultrasound room at our visit we were given a surprise. Apparently Baby is a lot bigger in the last two weeks and for his/her size put me at 7 weeks and 6 days instead of the 6 weeks 5 days I thought I was, from the last visit. How does that happen? Could I really have been pregnant a lot sooner than I thought? I was tracking everything from April to now. Could what I thought was my cycle been a false cycle? What about the pains I felt at the beginning of this month? They were definite implantation pains, because no cramps I've ever had felt they way they did. But the real question is...what does this mean for me when I am finally at about 30-something weeks?

I have out first ultrasound pic, which I was hoping to put up but somehow the technician must have gotten my email address wrong so I never received a picture online to post. Or the sound of a beating heart. It was all very surreal...I shed a tear listening to the 158 bpm of our little one.

And then I realized...oh crap, this is really happening!


  1. If you had a short cycle, it's possible for original estimate to be off a date, as the initial date they give you is strictly based on calendar days.

    Also, HB of only 158, huh? You know the old-wives tale... if that drops some more (which it will, they all do), odds are in favor of having a boy. You're welcome for planting that seed in your mind. lmao.

  2. Well I've begun to resign myself to thinking we will have a girl. Besides surprisingly I have a ton of girl names and the boy list is quite short!

  3. Congratulations! I remember it didn't seem real till we saw the ultrasound, and even then, it didn't sink in until I felt the baby start moving around. Sit back and enjoy the ride! The pregnancy seems to take forever, but it's precious time to get ready for that new little one!

  4. (Warning - snobby "experienced" mommy comment ahead)

    Ultasounds are NORTORIOUS for being off on dates and sizes. My oldest daughter was due December 12th. On November 30th they did an ultrasound an said "Oh wow, she's huge, she's over 9 pounds already. We need to induce you tomorrow so that she can't get any bigger"... well, they were full the next day but got us on the 2nd of December... and out she popped... 7 pounds 7 ounces. Ahem.... the same thing happened to 2 friends, so don't let those ultrasound numbers freak you out.

  5. That makes me feel a lot better! I figure they probably are wrong, but the made it seem so exact and who am I to second guess them? Of course once I get through my 20 baby books, I'll be questioning all over the place!


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