Monday, June 16, 2014

Mojo the Kitty

Riding home with us a year ago
A year ago to the day, we added to our family and adopted a beautiful almost 20 pound cat. While in the car I came up with the name Mojo and it stuck. Mojo was a rescue cat and they had placed his age at about two, but we never knew for sure. What we did know was that he liked to eat and was very vocal about it. He also had a fascination with the ice machine on the fridge and was always happy when a piece fell for him to chase around the kitchen.

The first week we brought him home, he took right to us. Not being bashful in the least about hopping into our beds and following us around. I was happy to have a cat that wasn't bothered by the kids chasing him. Though he did let them know once or twice he didn't want to play. But it was all part of teaching the kid and Mojo.

So imagine my surprise when this morning after petting him profusely and listening to him loudly purr, I walk in to then find him laying on the carpet, having a hard time breathing. Not even filling his food bowl could make him move...though he tried. And when I placed him in the kennel to rush him to the vet. He barely struggled. And I knew...I just knew things would not be the same.

And they aren't. A year after we had the best cat adopt us...he had to leave us. And I am sad and heartbroken. I feel like I should have seen signs and noticed more but I didn't. RIP, Mojo the Kitty. I hope you knew how much we loved you.

Taking advantage of our bed


  1. Oh, Melisa, I am so sorry! You gave Mojo an amazing, happy, loving life this past year. Cats have a sneaky way of hiding when they are sick. Been there and it is so painful. I still miss our sweet Chester and he's been gone now for over 2 years. :( Big hugs for all 4 of you.


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