Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fly By

That is what I have become...a fly by blogger. I have sat at my desk with my blog open and wanted to write and then I get pulled away to referee a fight or to play. Or sometimes I just can't seem to remember what idea I had 4 hours ago that seemed to need a post...

A month has passed since my last entry and in that time we've done the following:

Loving it!

Celebrated one year in our home. And while we might not have curtains in every room or have it decorated like a Pinterest board, it is home. It felt right from the first walk-thru and now a year later we are still just as happy.

The Hubby and I managed a date night...there was talk of these happening monthly. They don't. Oops...


The trees in our yard bloomed perfectly for Easter, which gave us a nice family photo.
Easter 2014
There is nothing like strawberry season, so of course we hit a patch and got some fresh!

May can not be complete without some Mother's Day love and while things didn't go according to plan, with a sick child and all, my kids did manage to give me a day without them bickering and fussing.

My favorite girl

My mini me
 My favorite girl took dance this season and has loved every bit of it. I am happy for her and hope she continues dancing. Her recital was this past weekend and I didn't get many good shots...mostly because she refused to cooperate. But here is a cute one of her and a classmate.

T and a dance classmate

 And this brings us to the close of the school year and summer vacation. I need to have some sort of plan ready so I don't go crazy and the kids don't get bored. Hopefully it won't be another month before I update!

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