Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Battle of Mae Mae

We have a battle going on in our home...the battle of mae mae (prounounced may may). Our little T is now three years old and she is STILL asking to nurse. I know, I's crazy. I never thought I would be here and dealing with this!

I stupidly thought my second child would just wean herself by her first birthday and I would have a cry about how big she was getting and we'd move on. But that has not happened. Instead it has turned into a battle. The worse part is that she is stubborn, like her mother. I say no, she says yes. And we can go back in forth until she gives up. Because I realize now, I am the one that created this nursing monster and so in the end it is I who must re-create her. She is my last baby and part of me knows I have not been as adamant as I could be, because I won't have the ability to console and comfort her so completely. When she is having a bad day or a god awful tantrum...I can quiet the tears and the sadness with a quick nursing. Yet I know it is truly time to stop and have her learn that a cuddle and kisses can console just as well. Or that Daddy is great at giving hugs and making one feel safe.

And so...the battle of mae mae wages on. Especially in the middle of night, when we are both most vulnerable. Me wanting to just sleep and her wanting to feel me next to her, where she can easily nurse. Last night she finally looked me in the eye and said "I will not go to sleep until I have mae mae!" Part of me cheered...because she was not giving up and then I looked at the time (3:17 a.m.) and wondered how I ended up with such a headstrong child.

Messy Hair Don't Care...give me mae mae!
I never thought I would be the mom who has been nursing for 5 years. Actually I never really gave it much thought, I just knew that I would try and we would see what happens. And so the battle wages on and in the end, I know who will win. I just hope someone is ready to console me.

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  1. Wow, she is stubborn! Reminds me of my little girl. We stopped nursing about 10 months ago. She keeps her hand in my shirt and gets mad and when I tell her no. Be strong, mama. You got this!


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