Saturday, February 23, 2013


And just like that little man has turned 4. Oh boy he couldn't wait for his birthday and every day asked when it would get here and why he has to wait so long. Thankfully he hasn't asked about turning 5 yet...

He had asked for balloons for his birthday one random day in December or January and I wanted to be sure he had them. Nothing like sending Tim out the night before to corral a bunch of balloons and crepe paper. But like a great Daddy, he did. And we tied balloons from Spencer's room all the way down the hall and into the playroom. We cut the crepe in streamers and placed those on his door and on the playroom door. He woke up and was so excited. I hope he is always so excited by his special day.

It is at these ages that their birthdays are simple. And while it would be fun to throw a big bash every year, I am happy to keep it small and special. He asked for a chocolate cake and was happy to have us make it and him decorate it.

He's four and so proud
Him and his cake

We ended up taking the family to the circus for his birthday which was a throwback to my own childhood. I remember going quite often and loving it. I was always enthralled by the lion and tiger tamers. And even back then I wondered about the big cats and the cages they traveled and lived. But that's for another post. Both kids seemed to enjoy the show and the food and the expensive trinkets.
Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus
Enjoying the show
It seems like it truly was just yesterday that I was pregnant with Spencer and yet somehow 4 years have passed. If I blink too quickly he will be in college or engaged.

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Spencer! Love the fun of waking up to lots of balloons and streamers. I'll have to remember that for D's big day this summer.


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