Sunday, January 20, 2013


Last week the Husband and I celebrated 9 years of marriage but to top that off we have been together since 2000. That is a very long time and some days it seems like we just got married and others it amazes me that is has been that long. When I look at my husband, I know that I am truly lucky. I have a very good man because not only does he put up with me, but he makes me a better person because of it. And he's one heck of a Daddy too. It makes my heart sing to see these two munchkins of ours run to him in sheer excitement when he comes home after 4 days. It is a true blessing and one I hope to never take for granted.

In this age of instant gratification and reality TV, it seems that the institute of marriage is taken lightly. As if it is disposable when the true reality is that is a constant work in progress. It's about compromise and listening to each other. Some folks just want the wedding and then are overwhelmed when they realize the real work is the marriage. All the pomp and circumstance? Is just that, pomp and circumstance.

So after 9 years I should have some good advice, right? I will give you the advice that works for us:

1. Never say something you can't take back, especially in the heat of the moment. Words can hurt and will last longer than you think.
2. Do initiate the hanky-panky. Just trust me on this one...
3. Be a good listener and don't interrupt. Sometimes you may have to remind your significant other of this...
4. It's okay to go to bed angry but not too angry. If you are that seething...get it out and get to a point where you feel okay to sleep.
5. Let your kids see you hug, kiss, cuddle and say I love you. Remember, you are their first teachers about love.

I'm sure if I think really hard I could come up with more but instead I will leave you with a few pictures...which I realized could be called...disappearing eyebrows..sheesh...

Happy Anniversary to us! (just realized 2011 is actually 2010! oops)


  1. Yesss!!! Initiation even if it is forced will get you everything you've ever wanted in life!

  2. Happy belated anniversary! It'll be 8 years in April for me. Time flies when you're having fun.

    Good advice.


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