Saturday, January 12, 2013


That's right, December marked our sixth month here in North Carolina. And it is beginning to feel more comfortable. Though I will be over the moon ecstatic when we finally get into a house that is truly ours. But aside from that I think things are falling into a groove that is comfortable for all of us.

New Year's came and went without much fanfare and just as last year was a big year for us, looks like this year will also be big. Maybe big isn't the right word...full is a better word. We are now amping up our search for a home to buy and it's not as easy as it might seem. Tim and I go back and forth when trying to decide about long term. The only factor that is constant is that we know we want to stay in North Carolina. Do we stay where we are, do we move closer to the airport? Do we venture further from both (like we did in Georgia) and get more house for our money? And then there are the things we need in a house versus want. Those seem to change depending on the house we look at! Today we love a big yard and then tomorrow we don't. But in the end, I think we will both know when we have found our house...because it will just feel right.

And while we have a house search going on I would love to say that I found my niche and am surrounded by wonderful new friends for the kids and myself. But it hasn't happened. I was all gung-ho when we got here and then I began to doubt myself and how involved I really want to be. Call it a midlife crisis (40 is slowly creeping closer) or a motherhood rut. I've made a few friends but the reality is that they all have their own friends and it's hard being the new gal and wondering where and how to fit yourself in. So I'm back to the drawing board with that one. It really is hard to make new and good friends as you get older. Ugh!

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  1. I'm sure the friends will come. I agree at this age people are often skeptical to invite new people into their circle.

    You are a great person. I'm sad we didn't get a chance to hang out more when you were just an exit away :-(


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