Monday, March 11, 2013


Earlier this month we celebrated Teagan's 2nd birthday. When she woke up I whispered to her that it was indeed her birthday and was presented with a big grin.

I'm not sure if she truly gets what a birthday is but she was happy to tell us she was two. It seems as if overnight she is talking and not just in one or two word sentences but full sentences. She definitely is getting her point across when she tells you something!

Daddy wasn't home to celebrate with us but man, we are grateful for things like Skype and Facetime. Technology has come such a long and while some people think we are all too connected, I appreciate being able to share moments. She is always happy to see her Daddy! And yes, he is already wrapped around her little finger. But I suppose that is how Daddy and their little girls are meant to be.

I opted for cupcakes for our celebration because having a whole cake is too tempting for this Mommy. I have rarely met a cake I didn't like. Plus with cupcakes, everyone gets a pretty decent piece and no one is fighting for more icing or corner pieces!

The highlight for our little TT was getting her very own special delivery! The look on her face was priceless when she realized the balloons and stuffed elephant were for her...because it was her birthday! She immediately exclaimed "I love him" and wrapped her arms around the elephant.

Two years seems to have flown by and yet sometimes I forget she is two and can talk and walk and have a tantrum like no other. Don't worry...she doesn't let this mom forget for very long. Actually, neither one of them do. They are little partners in crime and I hope they always are!

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  1. Such a pretty girl! Happy birthday, Teagan!! :) Sounds like the day was a really good one. Agree with the cupcakes. It's pretty much all we do for birthdays in our family now - so much easier.


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