Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's A Zoo Out There

Last week we headed to the N.C. Zoo to hit up their dinosaur exhibit, which was held over until the end of this month. I figured both kids would find it fun to see life-size figures of some of the animals we play with almost daily.

Just a regular day at the zoo...
 I think Spencer was a bit awestruck when he realized just how big a T-Rex would have been in real life. He of course asked us why dinosaurs no longer existed. We try and tell him the truth in a way he understands but it always ends with more why's and us feeling flustered and inadequate. I think why is normal for his age but man, he sure doesn't get tired of the word.

Teagan wasn't the least bit afraid of any of the dinosaurs and really appreciated all the noises they made (animatronics) that sounded like burps and farts. No joke, our little princess cracks up if she hears any of those noises. Even she is the one making them!

The Zoo is situated on 500 acres and the colors of fall truly where breathtaking as we strolled along with the kids. I am really appreciating being somewhere that actually has four seasons. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Maybe next year we will make it to the mountains to take in more of the foliage. It is hard to get the kids to truly see how wonderful and lucky we are to wake each day and see how good God is to us. I hope little by little they begin to get it. Sometimes I don't think I am the best teacher when it comes to those things!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Spencer is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Henry, our Elf on the shelf. Need to make time to address some Christmas cards and decide where we are going to put the tree. Wow, the end of the year is coming quick!

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  1. Great photos! That zoo is such a treasure to have. We have had a family membership for years and go at least twice each year - sometimes more. :)


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