Friday, November 30, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Where does the time go? Seems like we were just saying hello to November and here we are knocking on December's door! 25 days until Christmas and then we get a chance to start anew for 2013.

This week we went in search of our Christmas tree. Normally Tim just drags our pre-lit tree out of the attic and wrestles with putting it together before we decorate but this year we thought a real tree would be easier and more fun. There are plenty of tree lots all over Raleigh and you can't drive by any major intersection without seeing a sign for "fresh from the mountains" trees.

We actually stopped at one the other evening just to see what we would be dealing with in regards to price, etc.

Tree lot near our neighborhood
These trees were all frasier firs and smelled so good. Before we could think about making one our own...someone had to potty. So we decided we would try again during daylight hours.

I never really gave much thought to trees at Christmas. I didn't even know that all trees are not frasier firs and that those type of trees love the cold and usually come from the mountains! I learned this by deciding that it might be more fun to pick and cut our own tree. That's right true Americana right there.

After checking Yelp and conferring with Tim we took a chance on Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm just south of Downtown Raleigh. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first time going to an actual tree farm. Back Achers has been around for 40 years and the folks who work there are super helpful. They gave us a few directions, handed us a saw and let us go up and down the fields looking for our perfect tree.

Back Achers Tree Farm
 The kids weren't the least bit intimidated by the rows and rows of trees, both big and small. Though it seems the biggest ones were long gone and what remained where happy trees under about 6 foot. Teagan fell in love with all the trees her size and Spencer would have been happy with any tree as long as he could help hold the saw. As a matter of fact, according to him EVERY tree was the perfect one. Imagine that, our first trip and every tree is deemed perfect. I wonder if that has ever happened before to any other family...

It's MY size!

Back Achers Tree Farm

 The kids happily ran up and down the rows of trees. They even managed to fall a few times but never shed any tears. I mean where else can you go and be expected to touch every tree on a quest for the right one? Anyway, up and down we went, sizing this tree and that. It was here I learned that not all trees are Frasiers. It was actually hard to wrap my head around a tree like the beautiful Carolina Sapphire.  While the shape was right, at first it seemed to much like a bush to be a Christmas tree. But the more we walked around the trees, the more we could picture them in our home full of lights and ornaments and a little bit of love. Sadly we never found the right tree...anything we found perfect was already sold and had a big ole tag to let us know as much. It became a game to find a tree and then yell SOLD.      

Carolina Sapphire
 We finally went back to the trees that had come from Boone, North Carolina just earlier that week and sized them up. It ends up that a Frasier fir would be our tree for this year. And next year we will be coming back to Back Achers before they open to the public and place our own hold sign. 

The folks at this farm were helpful and friendly and you were never pressured one way or another when it came to your tree choices. They also serve hot chocolate and cookies in case things take too long and you need to stop for a small break. This was a great hit with the kids!

Here is our tree all loaded up on the Volvo ready to make his trek to his new home. We drove slowly and probably made more than a few drivers mad as they zoomed past us but we didn't want to take any chances with our new tree. He made it home without any issues and after a few minor adjustments (trees are way bigger than you think they are once you get them home) Tim put him up. And he was great enough to even put the lights on him.

This morning our Elf Henry sat happily in his branches and got all sorts of credit for putting the lights on the tree so we could happily decorate today. Nevermind all the hard work Daddy did...way to go Henry Elf!

So there you have it...our tree is up and mostly decorated and ready for a month of lights and love. I look forward to gifts under the tree and Santa making his magical appearance in 25 days. And even though we rely on an Elf and Santa, I never forget the true meaning of the season. We will happily sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on December 25 because without him, none of our adventures would be possible.

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