Friday, November 2, 2012

Splurge or Save

The truth of the matter is I like nice things and by most accounts nicer things can be costly. I believe that you can mix high end items with low end items and look fabulous. But when it came to kids, I always thought I'd want the best that we could afford, no matter what. And then I had them.

I see firsthand the destruction they can do in mere moments to clothes and I've begun to waver spending a little more on them. They don't know the Gap brand from Target brand and their main concern is that it isn't itchy and the tag can be removed if it has one. So why should I care right? If someone judges me by what I put my kids in, that's on them right? It is...but at the same time I still want my kids to look cute and have clothing that is trendy. Yet, when I go to a store and see a long sleeve t for 25$ or a winter coat for 80$? My mind screams NO, too much. Because I know exactly what will happen to that tee. And how fast they will outgrow a coat. Or a pair of shoes.

So what is a good alternative? My girl Mimi has two children that always look cute and trendy, her biggest weapon? Thrifting! Go ahead, check out her videos where she breaks down what she got and how little she spent. I am always in awe and say I am going to try my hand at it...only to end up either frustrated by finding nothing or just frustrated by having to look. Another alternative is consignment shops and I've popped into a few of those only to find that I can get some things just as cheap brand new (wasteful, I know) or I feel the prices are still too high for what the items. 

Trendy Baby
And so I waver back and forth with the kids. I think I will feel better about splurging some when they aren't so destructive. In the meantime I plan on being wise and saving a few bucks...because whatever I don't spend on them? Goes to me and momma needs a new pair of shoes or two!


  1. I'm right there with you. I hit the end of season clearance racks at k-mart. Yes, k-mart. I can leave k-mart with 5-6 outfits for both kids under $40 most of the time, shopping their clearance racks.

    I also go to used kids clothing stores. Just like you I sometimes find that the clothes there are just as much as new clothes (especially the brand name stuff).

    I refuse to spend more on a pair of pants or shirt for the kids than I would spend on my own clothes. Does not make sense.

    1. Also, Kohl's! I bought a bunch of summer clothes for both kids and only spent about 80$. I will only have to get them shoes and swimsuits!

  2. Oh me too! I never have luck at thrift stores, but I also have to consider my area as well! I usually end up splurging on family photo outfits and special occasions by why they make light to white clothes for kids is beyond me!

    Hang in there!!!


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