Monday, February 6, 2012

My Chicken Nugget

Today my chicken nugget turns 3. He is no longer a baby or an infant or a toddler. He's a preschooler. And if you ask him? He will tell you he is a big boy. And in some ways he really is. He can rattle off the alphabet and his numbers. He can remember things and remind you about them when you least expect it. He can use the potty all by himself.

But even as he makes all these strides and milestones into big boy territory, he will always be my chicken nugget. And I will always be his french fry. And together, with his Daddy, who is milk and his sister, who is a hamburger...we make the perfect Happy Meal family. It's silly things like this that will always be dear to me. It's the silly moments that make my heart skip a beat, especially when the kids are laughing. Something about them being carefree and laughing that warms a mother's heart.

So Happy Birthday to my chicken nugget!

And a video to mark the occasion: