Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd Child Syndrome

The other day I was talking to my husband and I made the statement about the amount of pictures I have of Teagan versus Spencer. Its not that we dont have pictures of Teagan, but we have a lot more of Spencer. People always mentioned it when they talked about their kids and then each subsequent child. Each child received lots of hand me downs and less time than that very first child. Which makes a lot of sense, right? It was easier with one child to always have the camera and be snapping away. Now I am trying to keep the older child from hurting the second and throwing a camera into that mix ju st doesn't sound like fun.

But second children also have a distinct advantage...parent wise you sort of know what to expect and can plan better. I am slightly more prepared. I say slightly because most days I still don't really know which way is up. I a proud to say that I have stuck with a picture schedule for Teagan. I am excited for her to turn a year old and look at the monthly shots I took. It was something I wanted to do with Spencer but never did.

Another place second children tend to lose out is in the toy department. Teagan didn't really take to any true baby toys, she instead quickly eyed the toys her brother has and in true sibling fashion has decided she wants those toys instead of what we have bought for her. Most days it's not a big deal...but as Spencer gets older, he is becoming less forthcoming with his belongings. Poor child is always being told to share and he isn't thrilled.

And finally...the clothes. While I don't have two boys, I still have found that not everything of Spencer's needs to be given away. Guess what? Jeans are jeans and my daughter doesn't have to wear jeans that have sparkles and butterflies. She can easily wear the ones that her brother wore. Same thing with sweatpants and certain shorts. That's not to say I don't buy clothes, because lets face it, girl clothes? Totally adorable. I am anxiously awaiting the day she asks me for her first pair of sparkly red shoes.

With Spencer on the cusp of his 3rd birthday and Teagan almost to her 1st, it has been quite a year. I never in my wildest dreams imagine myself as a mom of two and yet here I am. All I can say is wow.

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