Saturday, November 26, 2011

Miss Me?

So it seems that I haven't updated this blog for over a month. I kept meaning to come and update and then I realized how unstressed I was about it all and just let it go. A week turned into two and so on...

I wish that I could say that I was busy giving all my writing energy to NaNoWriMo, but I wasn't. I wish I could say that I caught up on TV and movies. But I didn't. I did manage to read a great trilogy (The Hunger Games) and I even managed to say good bye to some TV shows that were clogging up the dvr.

The best part? The best part has been that I haven't been stressed about it at all. I wasn't worried about stats or losing readers or any of it. Because in a month I finally realized that I was never blogging for notoriety. The only time I wanted notoriety? Was when someone else was getting it and getting cool things because of it. I didn't really want it. If I did, I would have kept up with that very first blog I started 7 years ago. I would have rolled with the blogger punches and come out on the other side.

In a month I realized that while I enjoy blogging, I enjoy creative writing more. I enjoy the who, what, when, where of a story. I enjoy creating characters and wondering what they are going to do and say. I enjoy fiction. Blogging can be fun but I know now that it isn't what I am best at. It is rare that I sit at mt computer and the words just flow into a perfect post. It is rare that what I post truly resonates with a reader. Maybe I have not been true to myself or my blog. Maybe I have been holding back. Either way, it is okay.

I'm hoping to streamline the blog and continue to blog, when it strikes me. But I'm not going to let it worry me if suddenly another month passes.