Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stream of Conciousness Sunday: Sweater

I haven't linked up with Fadra in a few weeks and as we see I've also been in a bit of a posting slump. Truth be told I need to organize my me time...which only comes after the kids are in bed. we go...

I love Autumn. Or Fall, if you will. My birthday is in October and true to Libra form it is my favorite month of the whole year. The weather is just right, the colors are glorious and I get presents and free candy. But along with Fall, I enjoy the clothing. I love wearing boots and jeans and sweaters. I like putting just enough on to repel the chill in the air but not hunkering down like it is winter. One sweater I have always loved is the one from Ireland. I don't know if it has an specific name but they make it over there with wool and apparently sell it for an arm and a leg over here.

A few years ago I worked in an office with a gentleman from Ireland. He still had his accent and instead of this making him endearing, it made him rude. Because that is what he was rude and mean. He wouldn't hold a conversation with you if you weren't part of the "in" crowd at work. And if he did have a conversation with you, it was because he has no choice.

One day we were all sitting in the conference room for a meeting or a lunch or some such thing and he talked about how he was going to Ireland for a visit or something. So people began talking about Europe and places or things they would like to see. I chimed in on how I'd love one of the Irish sweaters from Ireland. This lovely Irish man rolled his eyes and said something to the effect of he didn't know why people liked those sweaters and were willing to pay so much here for them. They are a dime a dozen in Ireland and not a fashion statement at all.

All I could reply with was how I thought they looked cool and liked sweaters...and this was probably said more to myself than to him.

There you have 5 minutes of writing in the raw. And if you're interested these are the sweaters I am talking about.  Want to link up? Click the button below and join us!