Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordful Wednesday - Brother and Sister

I took this picture at the park over the weekend. We haven't let Spencer hold Teagan since we brought her home from the hospital. There are two reasons for is that he hasn't really asked. And the second? He has a tendency to be to rough with her. He has let us know that he is jealous of the time we give her, that use to be his. I need to get better about giving Spencer more of my time one on one. It's a very hard balance and I will kindly take any advice on how to do this.

When I asked Spencer if he wanted to slide down the slide with Teagan he got very excited and seemed a bit apprehensive when I told him to hold her tight. He did hold her but she still ended up bumping her head and scaring her brother to almost tears. But I managed to get several shot...and that's all that matters, right? No one is worse for wear and Mommy got the shot!