Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Future is Now

This has been a long week. And a hard one. I don't know if I should even be talking about this on a blog, but I figure it will be therapeutic in one way or another. It's on my mind and I need to dump it.

Back when our little girl was born, my in-laws came to help with her brother. It was at that time that my FIL began not feeling well. Upon returning back to North Carolina he went to see a doctor. After several test it was said he had something called boops. Google it. It's some sort of respiratory illness. He was given meds and had weekly visits to check up on him. He main issue was feeling winded after doing nothing but walk across a room.
He didn't get better. He had more off days than not and after almost 2 months they saw something that had not seen before. They scheduled him for an open lung biopsy. And now? Now he has lung cancer.

Cancer. It seems to be everewhere you turn lately. YOu can't turn on the news without hearing about something that may or may not cause cancer. Smething that may or may not help prevent it.
My husband and I have talked about our parents getting old. And now that we have our own children we want them (our folks) to be able to see them grow up. We don't want to see our parents get old but at the same time we know it's inevitable. We see it happening right before our eyes and try as we may, we can't stop it.

But I thought it was something that we would have to worry about in the future. Years from now. But it seems for today...the future is now. 


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