Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Time Waits for No Man

As I look at my blog and see my last entry was on a Sunday 2 weeks ago...I can't believe it. I could blame my lack of updating on the recent Blogger outage but it wasn't that, that would be a welcome reason for not updating. My reason is much more somber.

On May 4th my FIL lost his battle with cancer. After just being officially diagnosed just a week prior. April 27 to be exact. I remember my husband calling to tell me. Our worst fears where finally confirmed.We had something we could blame for his declining health.

My husband googled, I googled and anything we read never seemed too positive. But we prayed. And e asked others for prayers and good, positive thoughts. And when FIL left the hospital 2 days later and went home, all seemed well.

What we didn't know was how sick my FIL truly was. Maybe he didn't realize it either. All the oxygen bottles that littered his home and car were proof. The cancer had taken a hold of his lungs and was never going to give him a chance to get better.

It all happened so quickly, that even now when I think about it, I can't believe it. All the cliches that come with death have been said. But the one that sticks with me? That time waits for no man. Because time didn't wait for his us to be okay with him being sick. And time didn't wait for us to truly tell him our goodbyes. Time didn't let us do all the things we put off.

But now? Now time is all we have as we try to make sense of our loss and grieve.
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