Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Dem Jeans

Jeans. They are a staple in any wardrobe. I spent most of my first pregnancy in a pair of maternity jeans. Before getting pregnant, a good pair of jeans and boots were my Autumn and Winter wardrobe.

I remember growing up and thinking Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt, Sassoon and Calvin Klein jeans were the epitome of sexy. Remember the commercials? Everyone seemed so glamorous and grownup.

When I got to college I bought two kick ass pair of Levi's...though I couldn't tell you what style they were, I just know they made my legs seem long and sleek. I also use to rock a lot of Calvin Klein. It was good to be thin and rock heels and platforms.

But as time passes and especially after you have a child, looking good in jeans isn't so simple. While jeans are a great go-to outfit, finding the right fit can be quite a painful. I have yet to meet a mom, new or seasoned that finds in joy in looking for a pair of jeans that fit and make you look and feel sexy. Yes, I said sexy. Instead it is assumed that motherhood means we are automatically gravitating toward the dreaded mom jean. Or we try to stuff our bodies into jeans that don't fit and end up with a muffin top.

I know that lowrise jeans seem to be everywhere but you have to search and you have to try on. That's right you have to take the time to find a pair that fits you and your now body. Not the one you had bc...before children. Have junk in your trunk? Stay away from embellishments on the booty. Feel like you problem area is your thighs? Go for dark denim with a bit of flare. Flat or no booty? Embellishment away. The pooch that never seems to flatten no matter how mant crucnhes you do? Look for jeans with a band, almost like trousers. The band is great for hiding the pooch! And when you find the perfect pair? Buy to wear with heels/boots and one to have altered and wear with flats.

Does it seem like overkill? You can find great jeans for under 100$ and love the way you look. I highly recommend The Gap. They've recently revamped their denim and are finally back to what I remember in the 90's. Before getting pregnant for a second time, I had finally found the prefect jean. It wasn't low rise but it wasn't high-waisted. It has a nice band that hides the pooch but also makes my booty look sexy.

I have yet to spend more than about 70$ on a pair of jeans but know people swear by designer brands. 7 for all mankind, True Religion, Citizens of Humanity. There was a time I thought I would buy a pair but priorities change. How about you? Do you swear by designer jeans? How do they compare?

So, readers, tell me...your good, your bad, you war stories when it comes to jeans. Any advice for others when it comes to jeans? Spill it!

Post title credit goes to Chingy, whose song Dem Jeans came out in 2006.


  1. I live in jeans. Work, play, shop in jeans. I have had a terrible time finding affordable, good fitting jeans for about ten years.
    At over 50 my body parts are, shall we say fluffy. As a superstore shopper I've limited my choices somewhat. All the jeans I find are low cut. Fluffy body parts do not find any form of sexy in low cut jeans.
    Part of the problem is being cheap. I can't justify paying for a better pair for myself. A bill wants paid. Car needs fixed. I still feel guilty spending my money on me. I know, I need to get over that.

    And has anyone else noticed that sizes seem to have changed? Last time I bought jeans, three pair, two brands, three different sizes. Doesn't make the experience any better.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I am already out of jeans (8 weeks preggo). I need some jeans and I have no idea what to do. I'm not paying outrageous prices and need a good pair of jeans that will fit my short legs (I'm 5'1") and my growing bump.

    I've been eyeing a pair at the Gap and may have to pull the trigger since you seem to like them :)

  3. thanks for your sweet comment on cosleeping! i used to have such an issue with jeans. nothing fit right since i am on the shorter side. but i love seven jeans! def worth the 100 bucks. you can buy cheap a lot of things but just not jeans. there is really a diff in how long they last and their fit. and you only need a couple pairs for many many nice outfits.

  4. Honestly. I'm not huge jeans wearer. To me they just aren't comfy.

  5. @Artemis I may have to splurge and try a pair...after baby #2 is here and I am once again comfy with my body!

    @Alex What do you prefer if not jeans?? Do tell! sometimes wear jeans. I've seen your sexy editor pics! :)

  6. Okay my dear. I LOVE jeans. I either wear jeans or yoga pants. And I am one of those designer jean wearers. They are AWESOME. They look so much better on than any other kind. I have a hint for you if you want to try some: Costco sometimes has 7's and I have also found True Religion there for around $109 (vs the $200+ if you buy them elsewhere). You should try some. But be warned- you will never look back!

  7. I love my David Kahn jeans. They were almost $200, but I wear them allllllllll the time. And they look great. They are not as low as the 7s, etc, but not mom jeans either! I don't mind spending a lot on jeans... I know I will wear a good pair a ton, so it's worth it to me.

  8. not overkill, totally fab advice! love it!

  9. Jeans is part of my daily fashion, it is part of my life.


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