Wednesday, September 29, 2010

17 weeks 4 days

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Dear Bump,

It seems like just yesterday we found out about you and yet 18 almost 19 weeks have passed. I am almost to the halfway mark! And what a difference a week makes! As I stared at this weeks bump shot I am amazed at how we went from a faint little pudge to hello momma!

Going forward I am going to show you off in all your glory. I really enjoy my preggo body and belly. I find it amazing that I can create a person and house them in my belly. I don't mind showing off my stretch marks, my war wounds so to speak.

This was our week for the monthly doctor visit. Both Spencer and I got to hear your heart beat. It always makes me smile. Your heart was gong about 160 BPM...the midwife said you could possibly be a girl. Spencer's heart rate was always in the 170's. If you are a boy,maybe you will just be a tad bit more laid back?

I've posted a picture of the Spencer bump at 19 weeks for comparison. Pretty close, huh?



  1. So when do you find out the sex? Or don't you want to know? I swear sometimes my arms just ache like crazy to hold a newborn baby again... and other times... not so much. But I'm done - husband's been fixed - so next baby in my life will be my grandchild. Way, way, way in the future!

  2. @Carolyn: We go back and forth about finding out. We may not know what we are going to do until the actual day which is in about a week or so!

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant belly! And yes, our bodies are amazing. Glad to know everything is going well. Fun to follow along. :)

  4. awww, so sweet! you are making me miss my bump already!!


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