Wednesday, October 6, 2010

18 weeks 4 days

So last week I made an error. And no one caught it. It took me a while to catch it and then I was sort of sad that no one else questioned it. Last week I posted my weekly bump update and it was the wrong week. In my defense when I had my appointment the midwife came in and looked at my chart and said you are 18 weeks and 2 days today and somehow that stuck in my mind. I will have to double check at the end of this month, I really think it was just because the midwife is rather flaky. So that's my excuse...what was yours dear readers??

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Dear Bump,

So last week I made you older than you are, but it was an honest mistake. Maybe subconsciously I am truly ready to be at the halfway point? With your brother the pregnancy seemed to crawl by but this time around it seems to be flying.

I think I have been feeling you flutter around but it is so quick and never in the same place twice I can't be sure. This week you are about the size of a baked potato which is still quite small. Too bad I can't say the same for my now protruding bump. If it wasn't obvious a few weeks ago, it is now very obvious that I am with child.

For a while there we were on a name kick and constantly trying names. That's slowed down quite a bit. I still try names I hear on TV or see in credits but still nothing jumps out at me. Maybe we are suppose to wait until you arrive and we see your tiny face and personality to name you?

I think this is the week you begin to hear sounds outside of the womb...let me apologize in advance. It is loud out here. Your brother is quite rambunctious and can cause me to lose my cool and raise my voice. We don't mean to and I'm working to try and get that under control.

Almost time to see what you are...will we or won't we is the question.


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