Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oops...We Did It Again!

That's right, we are expecting again.

I am currently 12 weeks and have finally gotten over morning sickness. They say each pregnancy is different and they don't lie. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Spencer, my skin looked great and I had no morning sickness. This time around? I am tired, cranky, my skin is breaking out and I had to deal with nausea. Add taking care of a toddler to the mix and I pretty much haven't had a moment to enjoy things this time around.

But in a quiet moment (they are VERY rare) I will touch my stomach and remember the excitement of a growing belly and the life that it holds. I have to admit it though...I am very scared. Can I handle two children? Can I love them both enough without feeling like one is being neglected? Will Spencer be able to understand that he now has to share me?

My world is about to be turned upside I ready?


  1. Aww congrats to you and your family! Don't worry when I was preggo with my 2nd I had the very same fears as you did, I would actually bawl my eyes out (HORMONES!) about it, and I'm here to relieve you and tell you yes you will love both very equally and find ways to spend time with both of them without feeling guilty. Just try to spend some one and one time with your little one you have now and give him a "big brother present" when your other one is born. Your life will change with 2 children but it is so rewarding!!!! Happy Sunday!

  2. congratulations!! best wishes for you and your family =)

  3. Yayyyyy! Congrats, mama! You'll do just fine with two! I wondered how I could love someone as much as I love Big Roo and turns out, there's room in my heart for both rascals. :-)

    Look forward to hearing how your pregnancy progresses!

  4. You will be one big happy family. Before you know won't be able to imagine it without the two kids. Congrats.

    Anne @

  5. Grrrr.. I had a beautiful long answer and something ate it.

    Congratulations first of all. Hopefully the sickness will settle soon.

    as for your questions -
    #1 - Yes you can handle two. It's really not double the work... more... 1.5 the work. And you'll get Spencer to be the diaper fetcher and that will ROCK!!!

    #2 - Yep... you'll have enough love... for 2 or 3 or 9 or 22. It just grows and grows and grows. You'll have your moments with the new baby in the middle of the night when you're feeding him, and you'll have your time with Spencer when the baby is napping. You'll take advantage of those precious times to spend time with each of them.

    #3 - Not gonna lie to you. Spencer will go through an adjustment. Some kids hardly are phased, some have a harder time (Gert was 2 hours old when Gert said "you love her more than me") It's all about finding time to share with Spencer... letting him see there are things that only HE can do cause he's a BIG boy....

    Congratulations again!!!

  6. OMG! Congrats! YOU will be FINE! Yes you can handle it! YOU can call me anytime!

    I am so laughing over here! IN a GOOD WAY though! IN a very good way.

    Spencer will be fine..he may not like it at first but he will be OK and evenutally they will be little playmates.

    MY sister in law WHO HAS FIVE children told me that it the hardest going from ONE TO TWO but the rest is a cake walk.

    HUGS to you and CONGRATS...I am excited for YOU!

  7. Way to go, momma! I'm thrilled for you guys!

  8. YEAH!!! We are working on this same thing! :)

    Sooo happy for you. And yes, you can find the love for Baby #2. How do I know? Bc when Spencer was born, did you love your hubby less because you now had this little one? Noooo, you loved him more bc he was a good daddy and bc Spence reminded you of the Hubs.

    Same with Baby 2. Your heart grows bigger, not smaller, with each babe. Promise. :)

  9. oh man, i tried to comment from my iphone a few days ago but i guess it didnt work :(

    anyway, congrats!!! i am so happy for you!!!! dont worry, you will be fine. somebody told me your heart grows with each child so you always have plenty of room. now that i have two, i believe it's true.

    here's to wishing you a pleasant pregnancy!!!

  10. Oh wow! Congratulations! I have two boys 20 months apart in age. Sharing the love is not even an issue. :)


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