Wednesday, August 25, 2010

12 weeks 4 days

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I was inspired to take a picture each week. Only the blog the idea came from is so beautiful and the woman took all her pictures in the coolest vintage clothing. And she wrote little notes to the baby in her belly. It made me cry when I saw it and I just don't know if I can recreate the same effect her and do it justice. So you are left with my loose interpretation.

Dear Bump,

It's hard to believe we are already past the first trimester but boy am I glad. You really through me for a loop with the sickness but now I feel so much better! We saw a picture of you last week and could not believe how big you are already. It will be no time before I can feel you dancing and hiccuping.

I am trying to get your brother prepared but he is always on the go that the only thing he grasps is saying the word baby. I will keep trying. I will also try and get him from jabbing at you so much. Think of them as love taps because I know when you get here, he is going to love you as much as Daddy and I do.




  1. it's crazy how quickly the second pregnancy goes by! i remember my first seemed to last 5 years!! the second went by in a blink. except for those last few weeks, but that is just because you are so ready to meet your little bundle. you look beautiful and i cant wait to see your growing bump!!! believe it or not, i miss mine already!!!!

  2. Awww - I like that idea of writing to your bump! Cute cute. If I were to have another baby I would so do that.

    I'm not having another baby.

    I like sleep too much.


  3. I wish I had thought of writing my bump! I kept a journal but it wasn't directed at the baby. I'm sure you're glad to be out of the first trimester!

    Enjoy the second tri!

  4. Aw, this is very cute! If I had a blog during my pregnancies, I would totally join in this kind of idea!

    I love it. Great post and letter to the baby bump. =)

  5. Yay! Just wanted to say congratulations!!! So excited for you! Will look forward to following you through your 2nd pregnancy journey!!! ~Kimberly

  6. Oh adorable...after you have had the baby, maybe you could find one of those advertisments to make your blog post (notes to baby) a book, and give it to the baby as a gift. I am sure that she or he will cherish it forever.
    congratulations on your pregnancy! I am stopping in from Adventeroo, and you have a new follower!! Blessings, Monica @ Organized Chaos!


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