Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashionable Friday

Remember back when I said I wanted to incorporate more than Mommy talk on this blog? And I did maybe two fashion post and then the next thing I knew I was pregnant and it seems it is back to baby talk.

I am now deeming Friday, Fashionable Friday. I am going to try and make the post as fashionable as possible. We will see how it goes. I use to feel like I was a pretty in-the-know type of gal. I loved shoes and purses and looking made up. Then I got a job where it seemed no one knew a thing about fashion and so began my downward spiral into whatever was most comfortable. I began buying shoes that were more for comfort than fashion.

After being fired I began a work from home gig...which meant I could roll into the home office in pajamas or sweatpants. This further sunk my fashion sense into very murky waters. Oprah talked about not being a schlumpadinka and gave pointers on how some cute yoga pants from Old Navy could remake your wardrobe. I took that meaning into a whole other level. Yoga pants every day? Sure why not.

Follow that with getting pregnant and pants turned into outfits I shall not name. I bought some maternity wear and was given a bunch of stuff from a friend but I sure didn't look like how I imagined I would.

But I still love fashion. I love flipping through an InStyle Magazine and drooling over clothes out of my price range. I love thinking about how I could copy the outfit but do it within my budget. Shoes, purses, accessories. These are all things I still love but just don't make time for anymore. Kids will do that for you.

So I am going to reclaim my fashion sense and love for fashion here on my blog. Even if it's only 1 day a week!

(You didn't miss this post, it was published late and I backdated it.)


  1. I love the fashionable Friday idea! And it may be a challenge with you being pregnant that is VERY brave! Congrats! :)

  2. My "fashion" is non-existent now that I'm pregnant again. P.S. I love yoga pants.

  3. Love it! I have the worst fashion sense EVAR. And I refuse to buy clothes until I lose the rest of this baby weight... so that is my excuse for yoga pants right now!!! ;)


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