Wednesday, September 1, 2010

13 weeks 4 days

Dear Bump,

We are almost to 14 weeks and some of my sickness is back. Not sure what you're doing in there but if it's a party, I never gave the okay. From what I am reading you are about to go through some pretty big growth spurts. While you're doing this, can you lay off my stomach? Seems that I am hungry a lot and yet can only eat a small amount. Believe it or not, you mommy loves to eat! I hope you will to when you get here...maybe show your brother a thing or two!

Both you Daddy and I have begun to think about names. We don't know if you are a he or a she but we've been trying out names just the same. Would it bother you tremendously if we let you be a surprise? We are thinking about it but haven't come to a final decision. We still have time. Boy or girl, we will be so happy to meet you.

Mommy has to go for now, as I'm super sleepy. Spencer is still giving love taps (kicks) but at least now he knows there is a baby in my stomach. Did you hear him laughing at you yesterday morning? It was sweet. Hope he is as sweet when you arrive.

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  1. Aww thats was a cute post! I really wanted to wait until my last one was born to find out what it was, but I was so HUGE they thought I was having twins so I had to get an ultrasound and the nurse let it slip it was a girl! Uhh! I think it would be so cool if yall did wait! Not alot of people do that anymore.

  2. My mom only found out with me. She let my sisters be surprises and she says it was the best thing ever. She told me nothing could top that feeling. Ultimately, it's up to you. But surprises are fun!

  3. Ah the baby-name game! The very best game of them all...come on though, give us a little hint!

  4. Definitely vote for "surprise" baby. It takes all the pressure off during the pregnancy. If I had another baby, I would wait to find out the sex. So yeah for you possibly doing that!!

  5. I really wanted to wait to find out the gender with our second baby. As the 20 wk ultrasound got closer and closer, I totally caved. I dont regret it though... we didnt decide on his name until about a month before he was born! (So I guess maybe if he was a surprise we would have been really ill prepared! ha!) And his middle name was decided via text message between my husband and I as I was recovering in the hospital one day after he was born! The person that takes care of the birth certificate information had to come by to my room 4 times to ask me if we had decided yet! :P


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