Thursday, August 19, 2010


We flyin' first class up in the sky,
We flyin' first class, livin' the life
In the fast lane and I won't change
By the glamorous, ooh, the flossy, flossy

And so the dutchess,Fergie from BEP sang a few summers ago. I admit I loved that CD and played it nonstop as I drove around in the convertible I had at the time. before baby. Glamorous...this is the life that people assume you have when you tell them your husband is a pilot for a big airline. This is what people think your life is like:

Trips to exotic places, vacations in far off lands, sitting in first class with a glass of champagne. A home full of decor from all the corners of the Earth. A husband that looks good in a uniform. Of all these statements...only 1 is true. Yep, my husband looks damn good in his uniform. The rest? Let me break down for you.

The most exotic place we've been is Maui and that was for our honeymoon. We loved it and have vowed to go back and see some of the other islands. Did we fly first class? Nope. Did they offer to upgrade us cause we were newly married? Nope. Did we drink champagne? Unless Coke is considered champagne somewhere, that is another no.

Decor from the corners of the Earth...try a few trinkets from the corners of America. Oh and coffee from South America. I do have a few pieces of rock from a beach in Maui and when I travel to a new place I try and buy something local. It's hard to do because it seems everything is made in China and is only local cause the city is somehow displayed on it. The only place I was able to get something truly made in the city, was San Francisco. And most of our decor? It comes from Ikea, Target, etc. I've come a long way from crates as tables and bookshelves. Made in Vietnam is about as exotic as our decor gets.

Oh sure, when we started dating and Hubbs had his 3,5, 7 year plan it included traveling to places we had only read about in books. And when we got married we thought Maui was just going to the first of many trips across an ocean. Then real life kicks in and work gets in the way. And his plan of being at a big airline went from "be there in 3" to "got there after 7." There never seems to be a perfect time to travel and when did hotels get so expensive? Now with a baby travel is not fun and I won't take a flight that is over 3 hours. Trying to keep a toddler occupied for more than that is torture. Glamorous? I don't think so.

One day the husband may change planes and decide to do the long hauls overseas and then, maybe we can get back on track with the glamorous life. Can your life be glamorous as you trek around with a kid or two?

Yeah...I guess it can be.

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  1. My youngest baby took her poopy diaper off all by herself while I was lounging poolside this afternoon.Then I had to clean it up. Then I stunk like poop for hours despite meticulous scrubbing.

    I know. Try not to be too jealous of my glamorous life!


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