Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Challenge...Will You Do It?

A few weeks ago Oprah had a show where she talked about the dangers of texting and driving. It was hard to watch and very sad to know that something as simple as ignoring your phone as you maneuvered your vehicle around could save a life...possibly your own. I posted a link to her show and the pledge on Facebook and I had one reply. I was a bit disappointed. Why? Because when you think about it, NOTHING that comes across your phone via text or call is more important than a life.

As a society we went many years before cellular phones and the ability to text where the norm. Trust me, I know they are hard to give up. But could I forgive myself if I hurt my child? Or another families child, brother, sister, mother, grandmother, daughter, husband? Is reading the text that says "Yes", "OK" or "See you later" worth a life? The simple answer is no, it is not. You know as you read this post you are thinking, "no way, she's insane if she thinks I'm giving up my phone." But go ahead, take a look at the stories and the lives that have been destroyed by not putting the phone down. I promise that your heart will hurt.

The simplest thing to do with your phones is to either turn them off while you drive or place them in the backseat or trunk. Putting my phone on silent works for me, especially when I look in my rear-view and see my baby boy looking back at me. He's definitely worth keeping safe. And if it saves his life and the life of someone else, than even better.

So now, I ask you, will you take the challenge? Will you challenge your own blog readers to do the same? Go ahead, click the link...the life you save? May be your own.

Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge

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