Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Yesterday we took Spencer to the eye doctor. Remember we had taken him at around 6 months? Well we were never able to massage the tear duct in his right eye open so we took him in again to talk about what our options are going to be.

We actually got a referral from the pediatrician for a pediatric opthamalogist. I wish we had gone to see him the first time around. Anyway 23 days later we see him...and both Hubby and I were impressed. The doctor was well spoken and had a nice demeanor. This doesn't mean we liked what he had to say...words like surgery, anesthia and Spencer. Yep, Spencer has to have surgery!

The good news is that the doctor swears after surgery Spencer will not have pain and will not be out of commission. The bad news is that he will require anesthia. I believe they will be giving him laugh gas. Whole procedure takes about 5 minutes and the doctor said WE, as parents will have a longer recovery time. I believe it...I don't even know how I will manage the day of surgery. My heart goes out to parents with children who have had to have way bigger surgeries than this. I admit it, when it comes to my kid? I'm a wuss but I'm also a momma bear, noone messes with my child...but me!

I hope this is the biggest surgery Spencer will ever need. I am sure once it is done, he will be happier not having a leaky eye. And he will also love having us attack him less with the washcloth. He sees us coming with it and runs the other way! Spencer versus wash cloth, with the wash cloth always winning.

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  1. Oh, girl, I am feeling for ya. It is going to rough for ya, but jsut think how much happier S will be when all is done. I'm here for you.

  2. Both my boys had anesthesia during their ear tube surgery. Your doctor is right, it's harder on the parents than the child. Worst thing that happened from the anesthesia was Chase puked all over the car on the way home. I probably should've kept him in recovery longer, but hey... a little puke compared to a painful clogged tearduct is nothing. haha.

    Spencer will be fine, but trust me, I know exactly what you are going through. I had so much anxiety, even the second time around!

  3. I know that must be scary to know your little guy has to have surgery. But rest assured, this is a fairly common procedure. All three of my sister's boys had to have this procedure, and they truly bounced back with no problems. I mean... they had the surgery in the morning and were playing like normal by afternoon. Amazing! Hugs to you!


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