Wednesday, January 6, 2010

11 months

Spencer is 11 months today! Almost a year old and when I look at how big he is I can't believe it. He's walking and bossing us around like a 3 year old. He isn't talking but bossing us around with a squeal, yell and pointing. Amusing most days but not so much when we tell him no and the tears come.

I don't remember my first birthday but I know I had a party. And a pretty dress. I also got my first dog on that day. I asked Daddy if we could get Spencer his very own puppy and only got a laugh from him! What does a laugh mean? Hmmm...maybe it means go ahead and look for a puppy?? What it probably really means is that I better think about if I am ready to tackle a one year old AND a puppy. We have a dog now and Spencer loves to chase him around but sadly the dog isn't to keen on playing with Spencer. Unless there are table scraps or treats involved. And even then it's less playing and more grab the food and run.

As this first birthday approaches I think about a party. At 6 months I was all gung-ho about having a first birthday blow out. But then Daddy reminded me that we aren't in Beverly Hills and that the party would be more for us than Spencer. He of course is right. I mean if I wanted a birthday bash I could have had one for the big 3-5 that I turned last fall. And you can't have a small party because inevitably you start to plan a guest list and realize if you invite one set of family or friends, you have to invite them all and the next thing you's a blow out, larger than life bash. So I will order a cake, pick up a few gifts and we will cross our fingers that Daddy gets the day off and we can celebrate the day quietly with lots of pictures.


  1. The good thing about Spencer turning one is that he won't know if you celebrate on his actual birthday or not, so make sure it's on a day when the tree of you can celebrate together.

    I have yet to have any of my kid's parties on their actual day, it's usually 2 weeks in advance!

    And you're right... there's no such thing as a "small guest list". haha.

  2. Not sure how old your dog is, but ours wasn't real interested in our oldest son until just last year. Alex is 4 1/2 now and can actually play with the dog. She plays tug of war with him, and you can tell she dials down her tugging when she plays with Alex. It's pretty cute!


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