Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bad, bad, Mommy!

That's me, a bad Mommy. Here a month has passed and I haven't updated.

Besides the little one walking, we had Thanksgiving and pictures with Santa and now Christmas. I've been meaning to come here and update with stories and pictures and have done none. I am always amazed at the Mommy bloggers with more than one child and a job that can post an update almost everyday. Most days I am lucky if I get a bath and keep my legs shaved. And if I don't make a list of things that need to get done on a specific day...well you can bet I will forget.

Ok, so let me update y'all on what's been going on since my last entry and video. Yes, we have an early walker. He's been walking for almost two months now and actually if he has something he isn't suppose to have and sees you coming to him for it, he runs. The running is very cute until he gets so giddy he about plows into a wall or chair or both! Talk about scary moments for mommy. I usually have to make a grab and dash for him in order to prevent him from going all 100 meter dash on me.

He's a boy and as such he is getting to the point where Daddy can be a bit rougher with him and in turn Spencer enjoys being rough right back. He especially enjoys banging things on his Mommy's head. I call it the ouch game...I say ouch and he bangs again and laughs. If I pretend to cry? Well this just makes him laugh even more. I have a feeling I will be getting no sympathy from this little guy.

He has said his first word(s)aside from Mama and Dada. He says what sounds like woof when we talk about dogs and dat(that) when he sees something new. He is very curious and very bright for going on 11 months. Most days when we are out people assume he is over a year old. Especially when we let him walk on his own. He loves exploring and doesn't get frightened if he wanders too far. We were at the airport a while back and I found a corner to sit in and let him walk around. He had no problems walking quite a ways from me, checking to see if I was going to come after him. I of course was never too far.

His top two front teeth are coming in and this has presented its normal teething headaches. The beginning of last week was met with screams, loss of appetite and general grumpiness. But tooth one of two has broken through and so now I wait on the second to follow. I really hope that these first four are the most painful until he is an adult and his wisdom teeth arrive. Teething is apparently a form of torture for parents. The child is the one in actual pain but the parents have to hear about it and figure out a way to stop the screaming and crying.

We've pretty much skipped baby food and now Spencer eats whatever we eat. This is both good and bad. Bad is that at times it isn't convenient. Convenient was having a jar of food that he could be fed anywhere. Now we must make sure we eat several meals a day and keep in mind that the meals be somewhat balanced. Add to that the fact that he eats like a bird and you have a recipe for food prep craziness. Some days he will eat like a champ and others the floor and dog get most of it. But hey, we're saving money by NOT having to buy jars of food, right?

Well...that's all I got. I do plan on getting some pictures up from Thanksgiving and his firs Christmas. Maybe now that I have a new laptop that will become easier...nah...who am I kidding?

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  1. Girl it does get crazy with little ones around. It sounds like you guys are having great fun though!


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