Saturday, November 21, 2009

We have a Runner

That's right folks, little Spencer is officially a walker. And when he gets super excited he runs, which inevitably leads to a fall. But it doesn't stop him!


It is weird to see this tiny little human get up and toddle towards you with a huge grin that is composed of two bottom teeth and drool. I say weird cause even at 29 inches he is tiny. His little diaper butt is growing up way too fast. Now instead of just a few things being out of reach, everything is out of reach. Curtains, lamps, furniture, the dog. Baby-proofing really means making things inconvenient for the adults!

This walking is a big milestone...wonder what comes next? Maybe one day I will wake and he will be in his highchair with the newspaper and a cup of coffee?

Stay tuned next week for a review of some cool wooden blocks and a GIVEAWAY of the same set!


  1. Where's the classic, toddling video footage. It's a must! Once they start to walk, it really makes you realize how fast they are growing up!!

  2. Okay, was that video up this whole time? Or did you put it up after you initially posted this. Surely my work computer doesn't block videos... along with every other damn thing that's blocked on that computer.

  3. wow! he is on the move!!!

    ugh, the baby proofing! does it ever end????

  4. Welcome to the next phase... buckle up! Boys are SOOOO active! There's no turning back now, so just enjoy the ride!


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