Friday, November 6, 2009

9 month wellness visit

Today Spencer turned 9 months and as luck would have it also had his 9 month wellness visit with the pediatrician. He woke up with a low grade fever and so it made the trip worthwhile, as I wanted to be sure Spence was just suffering from a cold and nothing more severe.

I knew he was feeling under the weather all day, as he seemed more clingy than usual. This also means that any little bump or move he does not like will be exacerbated and seem like the worse thing ever. So went the doctor visit! Lay on the table to get measured for height? No thanks. Lay on the table? Are you kidding! Go and get weighed? Out of our mind we must have been! Have the doctor check his ears? That put him over the edge and it was downhill from there. Thank goodness our doctor is so laid back, he just talked all cool and calm to him. Not that it helped, but it does help when the parents are frazzled. Oh wait..maybe just this mommy was frazzled.

Onto the stats for month number 9:
29 1/2 inches long which is in the 85 percentile.

22 lbs and 8 ounces which is in the 80th percentile.

And his head is 18 cm which is in the 70th percentile.

So basically our baby is growing and growing. And did I mention he has started walking? Yep, he can now take anywhere from 6 to 15 steps in a row. The best part is is proud little face as he makes it to you and knows he has done quite well.

Here some pics taken on Halloween day:


  1. Your little monkey is the CUTEST!! He really is growing into his own little person. . . isn't it amazing to see? And the percentile numbers?? Who knows?? I think they say those just to shut up Mamas who want to know if there kids are normal!

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