Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are Family

Yesterday, October 3, we finally baptized Spencer into the Catholic religion. It was a really nice ceremony and Spencer is truly blessed to have family that adores him and drove from NC and FL to watch the event.

He was asleep before the ceremony started but awake as we got started and did really well throughout. And, though I am biased, he was the cutest baby at the ceremony.

Here he is with us and his godparents, Joey and Tatiana.
To our little angel.


  1. Love that face he's giving your dad in the pic with your parents. And you look great in that last pic!!

  2. Hooray! you aren't just being biased... he was definitely the cutest baby there! (although, I'm probably just as biased as you are lol)We are happy to be Spencer's godparents and look forward to seeing him again!


  3. Congrats! What a wonderful day!!!
    He is so very cute! NO MOM is biased at all!!!!

  4. Baptisms are so special. I still tear up everytime they do baptisms at church on Sundays. I'm sure I'll tear up when we get baby #2 baptized, too!


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