Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Time for Everything

On Friday September 25 Spencer had two firsts. It was the first time he had a picnic and it was the first time he went to the playground. Surprisingly as we got in the car and started our trip he was in a good mood. I say surprisingly because anyone that has ridden with us knows he is not a fan of his car seat!

At the park Daddy layed out a blanket and we took in our surroundings. There were people walking, walking dogs and jogging. There were other families there with their own kids. It was a nice day to be at the park!

As we sat on a blanket and ate lunch Spencer kept trying to eat grass, dirt and leaves. Yep, I'd say he's all boy! He succeeded in only get a little dirt in his mouth...and a few leaves...

The playground area was spacious with lots of things for a kids to do. There were rock walls and slides and bridges to bound across. But we played it safe and gave Spencer his first taste on the slides.

Even Mommy got into the act on the slide!

I have to say...I am thankful that my butt fit on the slide with him! So thank you playground for having a nice wide slide and making me feel trim.

We plan to go back again, hopefully when the weather actually feels like fall!


  1. Car Seat problems I know well. Britax Car Seats was the ANSWER to my prayers. For some reason our boys loved the Britax. My MOM use to car my car Tammys Terror Wagon because the boys hated their first car seats.

  2. OMG, I have had the exact same fear of my butt not fitting on the slide!! hahahaa!!!

    I want to pinch those cheeks!!! So adorable!!! Hey, I mean Spencer's cheeks!!


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