Monday, September 28, 2009

Peanut Butter Library Time

Today Spencer had another first! We went to story time for kids under 18 months. What it is is mommy and me time for free at our local library! It only took me almost 8 months to find it!

When we got there it wasn't too packed and I thought I was running late. They library must realize parents with children under 18 months always run just a bit behind! It quickly got packed as the librarian began singing the hello song. Seems like most everyone knew the song and all the other kids names as we sang around the room. Spencer was quiet as kids who could walk ambled around grabbing toys. He did eventually crawl away from me and even through a few fits when I would not let him grab a toy or book from another child!

I did try to be friendly in hopes I would meet another mom with someone Spencer's age. Sadly it seemed everyone there was watching someone elses baby. I did talk to one lady with a 7 mth old girl but didn't ask for her phone number. Maybe next week. I also learned that the two girl names I loved are uber popular, Addison and Ava. Gladly not another Spencer in the group!

We will be going back on Mondays and I found another storytime at Barnes and Nobles on Tuesday that I may also attend.

I just hope neither one of us gets sick! You never know who will bring a sick child out!
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  1. Good luck entering the mommy and me universe! I found it hard to make friends in group situations too. I'm really outgoing, but I get oddly shy in social situations until I know people better. I'm sure if you keep going back you'll meet someone you click with.

  2. I just gave you an award at my blog. Come check it out. Congrats! :)

  3. I looove story time! I've been taking TJ off and on since she was about 4 months. It can be a little packed at times, but for the most part she loves it.

    But you did hit the nail on the head... people will totally bring all kinds of sick kids to those things! I just kind of loudly say something to TJ like, "Oh honey, let's move away from the big, big cough!" Kind of passive agressive, but I think it's so rude to bring sick kids to those things!!! Ooops, sorry for the novel!


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