Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eye See You

Today we took Spencer to the optometrist for a free exam. All babies between the ages of 6 months and 12 can score one through a program called Infantsee. Visit for more info.

His eye sight is fine and the plugged tear duct is a non issue. The doc actually suggested that we wait it out as the procedure is uncomfortable. He said Spencer's eyes were perfect and to come back in a year in a half. Spencer was mesmerised by the doctor and the exam...he behaved like an angel. It was actually amusing to see him staring at the doc and all his tools so intently! I have quite a curious boy.

And want to add a boo to the first clinic we called to schedule this appointment. This program is for a free exam, regardless of financial status and insurance coverage. Envision Eyecare in McDonough immediately asked if we had insurance and when we said yes they said they would bill our insurance and take a copay from us. Um no, there is no copay or billing of insurance for this appointment. It is places like this that make insurance the way they are. The clinic does not HAVE to participate in the program and trying to scam new patients for money is wrong. So BOO to Envision in McDonough.
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