Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time? What time?

So I really thought I was going to get better at updating this blog, but as the title says, what time? It seems the time I do have is only enough to maybe get a meal made or a floor swept or mopped. Or I have a few minutes to just decompress! The house is in need of some serious spring cleaning. And yes, I know the mess won't go anywhere and so I need to enjoy Spencer...but I hate seeing the mess. Maybe I should try and talk Hubby into a once a month maid? At least until Spence is on a better schedule!

Speaking of, I thought we were headed to sleeping all night but he's regressed. He still wakes up every couple of hours to drink a bit and pass gas. Who knew passing gas could wake a person up?? Poor guy will kick and scream if the gas don't come out just so! Which is amusing during the day but frustrating at 3 in the morning!

Let's talk about what Spencer is up to as he comes up to the 4 month mark:
He is desperate to sit up and also loves if you stand him up.
He's still rolling but not all the time.
He's super curious and cautious around new faces.
He can grab things that are in front of him with accuracy!
Everything he grabs goes straight to his mouth!
He loves TV, which I don't usually have on for him! I will have it on for me and he will twist his head to watch! Need to break him of that!!
He's slowly growing out of 6 month clothing and fitting into some 9 month items!
And lastly we think he may be teething but just can't see any teeth nubs...maybe the ped will have better luck!

Here is some video of him very upset but rolling over none the less:

And a video I like to call No-no:

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  1. The videos make up for your slack. lmao. Very cute! Especially the one where he's shaking his head NO!

  2. Adorable! LOL

    He is growing so fast!


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