Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our nursery

So yes, the nursery is finally totally complete...except for some shelves and pictures I want to add and the glider that is on the way, but it's done! The clothes are all washed and hung or folded. The crib sits and awaits our precious little has quickly become the favorite room in the house! If the glider arrives before the baby does I imagine Hubby and I will find ourselves sitting in the chair.

I all wants pics and I don't want to disappoint. I wanted to show a nice progression from drab to here is a link of a bunch of pics of the beautiful new room

So now that everything is done, we sit and wait. Every little pain I hold my breath and wonder if it's begun. So far it hasn't. I wonder if my water will break or if this little boy is as snug as a bug in a rug and doesn't want to show up just yet!


  1. Great job! The room looks fabulous and ready to go :)

  2. Awww, everything looks so wonderful! I know how much hard work you guys put into that. But I must say that the most beautiful thing in the entire nursery is you, wow! You are what people mean when they say 'glowing'.... so, so, beautiful. I hope you feel as fabulous as you look. I cant believe your baby will be here any day now!!!!

  3. Oh, everything turned out so good! You did such a good job. You will love sitting in the glider. One of my husband and my favorite things to do before our daughter was born was to sit in her room and rock, thinking about what things were going to be like when we were parents.

    You look so good, too! Pregnancy suits you.

  4. Awesome...OK YOU guys ROCKED THAT ROOM. VERY VERY SMART MOVE witht he PERGO! Much MUCH easier with little guys and HELPS with allergies and all. I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!!!!! YOU guys are the cutest couple!!!!

  5. The room looks awesome! You guys did a fantabulous job. Beautiful colors, wonderful decorations *applause* You did good :)

  6. looks great. love the border, it's so boyish! and i really love those floors. good job, now the only thing missing is Baby Boy!

  7. The room turned out FAB! The furniture is great, the color is great, his little wardrobe is great! LOL

    Love it all!


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