Wednesday, January 14, 2009

36 weeks and counting

So here I am on the verge of hitting 36 weeks...will I make it to 40? Or will this boy decide that he's had enough and demand to be let out early? Everything I read says that most first timers run to due date or later and then everything else says the opposite. All I do know is that everyone pregnancy is different, so only time will tell what will happen with mine.

My new fear is that my body will be doing what it needs to do and I will miss the signs. I have a high tolerance for pain and while before pregnancy I felt in tune with my body, now? Not so much, I am just scared that I will miss all the signs and then go to the bathroom and oops, out falls the baby. Crazy, right? There is no way I am missing the pain from contractions, no matter how much I endured the wicked cramps I use to suffer from and don't miss.

I had been safe from stretch marks, but suddenly in the last week the area just above my belly button has some nice red marks and is itchy! I've been moisturizing, hoping to at least minimize them but we'll see. I'm not too worried about having them, it will be what it will be.

And for the record, our baby furniture still has not come in and the nursery isn't ready and if Baby Boy comes early he will be sleeping in either his stroller, his infant car seat or a dresser drawer! Does this make us bad parents to be???


  1. Palmer's cocoa butter! And no you're not bad parents. He'll sleep in a bassinette at first anyway, or something like that. And you will NOT miss the contractions!

  2. If I had it to do all over again...I would not have spend a ton o money on furniture. I have a confession both of my boys never has spent a night in their cribs..yeppers never ever..LOL I had to go what would work best for US as a family and well in the end MY whole nursery was never ever used. NOW all of my furniture sits in the garage as I decide what I will ever do with it. I probably will sell it...LOL I am glad to hear you are just kicking it right now...LOL

    O yeah you may have a high tolerance for pain my friend but I think you will really know when the contractions me there is no other feeling quite like it and that is all I am so saying. I applaud all the woman who can go natural because I was a wimp in that department...Hey with a high tolerance you might be able to go a never KNOW and I will say many prayers over the next few days for YOU!

    Take care and YAY he is almost HERE!

  3. Essie was enduced, and I had ALL kinds of drugs so I never felt ANYTHING - no contractions, nothting. So when Gert came along, I was worried I wouldn't know what a contraction felt like.

    Um.. yeah... you'll know.

  4. You'll know. Normal worries! The key for me was the timing. Time anything that feels remotely like cramps/contractions the closer you get to your due date!

    Time is flying!

  5. You'll definitely know what real labor feels like, because it's like nothing you've ever experienced.

    Don't worry; you can always get a bassinet or a Pack N Play. I never used either--she went in her crib the first night home--but a lot of parents swear by them anyway.

  6. I was contracting and 4cm dilated and did not feel a single thing... the only reason I know this is from the NST at week 39+. The nurses were amazed.

    BUT... when the real labor started.... uh, yeah, no missing it!

    Everything I have read says stretch marks are hereditary, but I used burts bees mama bee tummy butter anyway because it smelled so good!


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