Monday, December 8, 2008

A va-jayjay by any other still a va-jayjay.

Hubby and I attended an all day childbirth class this past weekend and while it was very informative, we both feel we’ve seen enough nether regions to last us a lifetime. And to think the movie Knocked Up had me cringing! That particular scene in the movie was tame compared to the sights and sounds in what we had to watch. The class was in stunned silence as we watched several women give birth. After watching one husband asked if those women had been paid, because surely no one puts their business out there like that for the heck of it. We all laughed and the instructor said when you get to that point in labor, you don’t really care who sees what!

I did notice that in all the labors we saw, not one woman looked euphoric during labor, which with all the breathing and vocalization and PAIN, I guess the euphoria comes after baby has arrived safe and sound. We saw several births with pain medication and one without…and I didn’t realize about the one without until the movie actually told us she had done it that way.

After watching all the births and having the RN go over procedures and protocol I have decided that I am going to give this natural childbirth a whirl. This goes back on everything I ever said prior to getting pregnant and I mean everything. I was set on being drugged up and selecting a c-section date for delivery and having a plastic surgeon to do a tummy tuck at the same time. I had it all planned and thought nothing was going to change my mind. Not even the other mother’s who insist that c-sections are a cop out and you aren’t a real mother unless you give birth vaginally. I said “pfft” to those mothers and thought to each their own, I surely wasn’t going to feel less of a mother if I had a c-section or not. And it actually made me sad to think other women would do this to one another, when being able to create life, carry it and deliver it is special, no matter what method you choose. I guess my body will tell me when it we are in the middle of it whether it was a good choice or not, but for now I feel good about the decision and am less scared about it than I was at the beginning of the pregnancy. Of course this doesn’t mean I won’t wimp out at the first sign of a hardcore contraction…

There are approximately 10 weeks left in this pregnancy and I must admit it has gone pretty fast. It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about the trying and now here I am almost to the end. Now my biggest worry is that baby boy will decide to come early and Hubby will be on a trip and not make it on time. Though if the averages for first time labor are any indication, he will have hours to arrive at hospital and hold my hand and help me with the breathing techniques we learned. He-he-hoo, he-he-hee. I won’t even tell the story about how I could NOT do the fast pant correctly…Hubby is still schooling me on how to do it properly.

Baby boy officially spends most of his day moving about from one side to another and then top to bottom. Occasionally he will give me a swift kick or jab that takes my breath away. It’s like whoa! I want to try and figure out which body part is where as he is moving, but can’t seem to make out his butt from his head from his foot! But I’m going to keep trying and I am sure he will keep kicking and jabbing away.


  1. Geez. . 10 weeks? That makes it sound so close. Soon you'll even be in the single digits!!

  2. You do your baby however you want to and however the baby will let you... Essie i was completely drugged and literally felt NOTHING, Gert didn't give me time to have any drugs and... yesh... that hurt.

    I never wanted kids #3 cause i couldn't figure out which way to do it again.

  3. The problem with planning is that we are led to believe that we actually have a choice. Then when it's time to deliver, Baby Boy will have plans of his own. Hopefully they coincide with yours. haha.

    And don't worry, everything will work out fine - regardless of whether your sans drugs, heavily medicated, natural birth, or c-section. Because once Baby Boy is in your arms, you won't give a crap how he actually got here, just that he is here!

  4. I agree with Patty... the best plan to have is: plan to keep an open mind. And dont listen to other people trying to persuade you to one way or another... so many people think that just because something happened to them it will happen to everyone. I firmly believe that every birth is different and every child is different. Follow your instincts!

    As for the tummy tuck, I am kicking myself for not asking for at least a little lipo during my appendectomy! Darn drugs!!!

  5. PS - Why you holding back the belly pics???

  6. O just hang loose. I know that is hard but honestly it is all up to your body, the baby and you never really know...each birth is different. My first was Vaginal and the second was an emergency C sect. So that came as a huge suprise trust me. Enjoy these last few weeks. I know you are excited about him being here but enjoy you last few bits of alone time with your is a special time for the two of you just before the birth of the first child. Take care My Friend!

  7. It's getting exciting!! 10 more weeks. Yay!!

  8. Try out natural--see how far you go with it!

    I started out natural just because I wanted to see what it was like and how much pain there was. Then I asked for the stadol (sp?) when they offered the epidural--again, just to see if taking the edge off would help.

    The stadol did nothing. It just made me feel loopy AND in pain. I toughed it out for a bit more then caved and went for the epidural.

    Do what you feel is best. You'll do great! Deep breaths! :)

  9. I can still remember that video of a woman squatting on the ground and giving birth to her baby. That will stay with me for a very long time.

  10. It's really getting close now! Enjoy these last few weeks and spend as much time as you can with your husband going out and having fun.

    I never went to any of those child birthing classes. I don't know if it would've helped me much anyway (especially with my pain tolerance). I hope you can go natural. I'd love to be able to have experienced that, but I knew I couldn't last!


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