Friday, December 5, 2008

She's crafty.

So last year after Christmas a friend saw this idea of a apothecary jar filled with snow to put Christmas cards in and I fell in love with the idea! All year I hunted down the right type of jar. This is a pic of the inspiration:

Our living room is a bit more modern and all the jars I found just seemed to fancy and then I happened upon an aisle in Target and found this jar:

And this is the what the final outcome looks like:
Left side view

Right side view

Top view

I like it! It keeps all the cards in one place and I can keep track of who sent them at what time, not that I'd do something like that...

And finally, I'm thinking that I could do some vinyl lettering on the fireplace that says Merry Christmas. This is what the fireplace looks like currently decorated:

What do you think?

Anyone else have ideas for Christmas decor they want to share?


  1. Love the JAR! YOUR Fireplace looks now you want to come on DOWN to Savannah and decorate MINE..LOL Happy Friday my Friend Happy Friday!

  2. Oh! So Christmas-y! I love your snowmen! I think vinyl lettering would add a WHOLE new look to it. But you know me, I'm a vinyl f-r-e-a-k! LOL
    I love the jar idea!

  3. I love this idea! I've seen stuff like this in Pottery Barn and love it! Your fireplace looks gorgeous, as well! I can't decorate that right now, because my daughter will pull everything down.

  4. You're a Crafty Gal! The fireplace is beautiful as it is, but I'll bet you cook up Something Beautiful that just spells out the Christmas Spirit!

  5. Oh wow, that is so cute!!! My decorations look like crap so I have no advice for you in that area. I'm waiting until we retire and don't move around so much before I get into the decorating craze...

    Congrats on only 10 weeks to go! We tried to go natural with the first but ended up opting for an epidural. No time for drugs on the second, and I can say it was a much faster and easier recovery. BUT, as everyone else has commented to you, keep an open mind and go with the flow.

  6. Wow! A cute blog and fun design ideas! I love what you did with the jar. Very Martha! May you never be more than 20 steps from a potty... Best wishes!



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